Portfolio Project Detail

WHOLE Mariana Baidon, Paola Casanova, and Yasmin Hamed

An ever-growing environment

London´s port became a hub for the distribution of goods during the fourteenth century marking the beginning of its growth. Since then the city has been through a great amount of changes; it has survived plagues, fires, floods, storms, wars, pandemics, among others. The epitome of a resilient city and that is what centralizes our WHOLE concept.

WHOLE is born from the idea that we are in constant change and evolution and architecture gives you the opportunity to be resilient, we created an environment that is prepared to adapt. If the recent Pandemic taught us anything is that we weren’t prepared for it and that no matter your age, sex, country or socio-economic status we were all affected in some way or another.

What if we create a space that can easily change and adapt depending on the current necessities of the city? An environment that is so capable and resilient that can survive a vast amount of macro or micro disasters.

The design mimics the city itself, basing the footprint on London’s Port history by creating modules (containers) with four different typologies: Wellness, Home, Office & Leisure. The environment consists of two volumes interconnected that continuously transform. There are two different cranes within the building capable of manipulating the container modules by replacing or changing its typology depending on its necessity. The ground floor containing only leisure modules that create a pedestrian flow by having a central pathway (Thames lane) that transport the user throughout the WHOLE space.

WHOLE is protected by a second skin that is permeable enough to permit biodiversity, water, air and light to pass through, it is also dynamic allowing the crane to interchange modules. The design alludes to the textile industry that marks the beginning of the cities´ growth as an important economic capital of the world.