Green Link

Stephanie Matkaluk, Yann Tregoat, Megan Stenftenagel, Thomas Vanderkruk
The Interborough Express Green Link ties together a series of isolated neighbourhoods over 14 miles, connecting a diverse range of communities via a multi-modal network. This system is anchored by 24 public amenity Station Hubs, which each become important destinations.

All of this will be yours

Camilla Wisborg, Gaia Cella, Diana Chang, Anish Reddy
From places you want to leave, to places you want to stay. We need to be brave and act without hesitation to re-wild our city! We will transform the station into a forest, challenging the boundaries between the city and nature.


Yaressi Trevino, Wendy López, David Salinas
A new foundation for an inclusive and sustainable community. Our Plaza. Our Place. 

Equity Crossing

Yiqi Song, Xianming Sang, WenJie Zheng, Derek Shin
The Equity Crossing is a testament to the power of community-driven design and serves as a model for future transportation projects seeking to promote sustainability, connectivity, and diversity.

Pak Lakansyèl (Rainbow Park)

Aditi Subramanian, Stephen Conschafter, Nina Feng
What should a transit station be? We believe it should be an experience that brings joy into the journey through a city’s transportation network. To engender this, we’re redefining typologies – and creating a space that merges park with station, playground with infrastructure, and nature with city.

Get Sidetracked

Christine Gao, Dan Qin
“Get Sidetracked” investigates the mending of physically segregated neighborhoods- as a result of the abandoned freight rail, and reinventing what it means to move and play. The physical boundaries of the boroughs is blended together to create cohesive communities and the station becomes a place of social gathering. 

The Healing Line

Joey Zhang, Simon Persson, Chen Ding, Zhenyi Zhou
The Healing Line is conceived as a collection of spaces with individual identities that together form a unified collective whole. What used to be an open scar is now a public space and green infrastructure given back to the city for the people.


Zhechen Yu, Suyang Meng, Justin Lin
We aim to integrate public activities with a transport system to form a new way for people to commute. Our goal is to create an urban environment where public spaces freely flow within the city, transforming transit into a dynamic experience.


Natalia Javorska, Clinton Langevin, Nathanael Scheffler, Jarin Hoque
T(HERE) optimizes the roof of Brooklyn College Station to create a community hub that enhances the station. By extending and occupying the station roof, we can provide two levels of public space that the community needs, rejuvenate the site, and transform it into a destination beyond the IBX.

The X Line

Roger Heady, Ariela Lenetsky, Krunal Patel, Jessica Cignarella
The X-Line connects local communities and spurs economic development. Each X-Line station will utilize a matching kit of parts at different architectural scales to create a unique Town Square. The Town Square evokes a sense of belonging as users connect through shared interests and events, allowing for cross-cultural connections sparked by the space.


Ping Wong, Maria Yegros, Jason Diamond, Hala El Khorazaty
The CO-Link Model is an adaptable, ever-evolving and regenerative transit hub that will inspire exchange of information, goods, and services throughout the community.

Interborough Explorer

Carl Damas, Fernanda Hernandez, Eric Fries, Sze Wai Justin Kong
In communities that lack equitable access to mobility, it is crucial to eliminate all obstacles that impede the movement of people through these systems and restore their right to travel freely. Like public parks, public libraries, and public schools – public transit should be free. 

Spiraling to Stitch

Songyun Shi, Ivan Zhang, CJ Yang
This sunken park stitches the community together by providing missing programs from the neighborhood. It creates public spaces and journeys that celebrate nature, connection, and the people.


Mahdiar Ghaffarianhoseini, Kristina Kolosova
Where Physical and Virtual Worlds Blend for Ultimate Transit Experience Connecting People and Places through Technology

The Aperture: Keep an eye out!

Albert Tamura, Yifei Li, Wing Lam Kristabel Chung, Abby Tuckett
To create a safe and equitable station, multiple sight lines into the space are maintained, enabling the community to keep each other safe through the idea of shared responsibility. Additionally, existing conditions are respected and maintained, and the station has a minimal architectural impact in order not to impose on the community.